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All of the original bottles

Deliciousness For Everyone

  • ✓ Made with Canadian milk
  • ✓ Preservative free
  • ✓ Delicious and nutritious
  • ✓ NEW! No artificial colours or flavours
  • ✓ Ready to grab & go for any craving
  • ✓ Available in multiple convenient formats

Fresh milk stamp

The snacker

The Snacker

Fill your pantry shelves and never run out of a fresh snack for yourself or your little ones. By combining the benefits of shelf-stable milk, we have created the ultimate on-the-go companion.

The kiddies

The Kiddies

Not only did we pack in a great taste, our shelf-stable 200mL bottles keep milk fresh without refrigeration. You can feel good buying a lunchbox-friendly drink everyone will love.

The busy friend

The Busy Friend

To keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle, you need that extra boost in your day.


Let's Get Going!
The perfect on-the-go snack

Multiple flavours,
multiple formats

No refrigeration needed!

Ultra-high temperature pasteurization and innovative bottle design allow our 200 mL and 310 mL formats to stay fresh longer than regular pasteurized milk. Now that’s a twist! Click here to learn more about this process.