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No preservatives, fresh taste of milk, like all milks.

Yes, it’s true. Fresh milk can last for months, at room temperature, without using any form of preservatives.


First, we flash heat the milk at very high temperatures, up to 144ºC and eliminating in the process all bacteria without altering the nutritional qualities of the milk. Then, in a sealed environment, the milk is put into a protective, aseptic bottle that shields it from light, air and any contaminants. Throughout this entire process, nothing is added to our milk!

Milk2Go pasteurization process


There are so many reasons to love shelf-stable milk. Here are just a few:

  • No refregiration requiredNo refrigeration required, just chill & shake before you drink it. 
  • Saves up on precious fridge spaceSaves up on precious fridge space
  • Longer shelf life means fewer trips to the storeLonger shelf life means fewer trips to the store.
  • Convenience of always having a nutritious snack on handConvenience of always having a nutritious snack on hand


A new format to save time, money and fridge space.

Ultimate lunchtime companion
By combining the benefits of shelf-stable milk with the value of multipacks, we have created the ultimate lunchtime companion.
Smaller bottles
The smaller bottles are perfect for your children’s lunchboxes, while supplying a great dose of energy they need. These bottles also fit snugly into your car’s cup holders.
Stock up on your next visit
Stock up on your next visit to the store, fill your pantry shelves and never run out of fresh, nutritious snacks for yourself or your little ones.