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Milk2go Sport, Proud Partner Of Oua

At Milk2Go Sport, a balanced lifestyle means eating right and being active. We are proud to support OUA athletes by fueling them with the energy and strength they need to reach their goals. Discover our 2024 Milk2Go Sport Ambassadors!

Our 2023 ambassador Tristan Greenidge
Tristan Greenidge
Wilfrid Laurier University
Our 2023 ambassador Amelia Narduzzo
Amelia Narduzzo
University of Toronto
Our 2023 ambassador Emma Weltz
Emma Weltz
Queen's University
Our 2023 ambassador Alex Haylock
Alex Haylock
Western University
Our 2023 ambassador Isabelle Anes
Isabella Anes
University of Windsor
Human Kinetics
Our 2023 ambassador Aman Ghebre
Aman Ghebre
Wilfrid Laurier University
Our 2023 ambassador Joey Mocnik
Joey Mocnik
Western University
Our 2023 ambassador Scout Southward
Scout Southward
Queen's University
Environmental Studies
Our 2022 ambassador Kennedy Feasby 
Kennedy Feasby
University of Guelph
Human Kinetics
Our 2022 ambassador Angelina Markotic 
Angelina Markotic
Brock University
Our 2022 ambassador Cloey Uddenberg 
Cloey Uddenberg
University of Guelph
Bio-Medical Science & Minor in Neuroscience
Our 2021 ambassador Omari Young
Omari Young
Business Management
Our 2021 ambassador Tanner Gustaven-Walker
Tanner Gustaven-Walker
Ontario Tech
Health Science
Our 2021 ambassador Catriona Cormier
Catriona Cormier
Sports Management
Our 2021 ambassador Loramhel Mateo
Loramhel Mateo
Recreation and Leisure

What is OUA?

OUA logo

The OUA (Ontario Univeristy Athletics) is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to ensure the promotion and development of sport and physical activity in a student environment, from initiation to high performance sport. It thus promotes education, academic success and the health of young people.

The OUA, which covers Ontario, is one of four such bodies that are members of U SPORTS

For more information about the OUA, click here.