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Pro Vanilla

Vanilla High Protein Milk Shake

Do you know what protein powder tastes like? Unfortunately, you do. And you also know that the taste of vanilla is WHEEEY better! Nothing beats our delicious vanilla high protein milk shake. With its no sugar added and no artificial flavours formulation, this pre-workout protein drink is professional-grade.

Available formats & sizes
  • 473ml (Shelf-Stable)
  • 12 x 473ml (Shelf-Stable)


  • 38 grams of protein to help build and repair muscles
  • Made with fresh milk
  • High in calcium, magnesium and potassium 
  • Milk is a good source of vitamin A and D
  • No sugar added and no artificial flavours
  • milk 2 go sport hydration Hydration
  • milk 2 go sport electrolytes Electrolytes
  • milk 2 go sport nutrition Nutrition
  • milk 2 go sport vitamins Vitamins

ReCOVER more.
Refrigerate less.

Willpower and hard work. That’s what we used to develop a post-workout shake that you can store on the shelf for months. That, and ultra-high temperature pasteurization and innovative bottle design, of course.

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